A new art appointment at the Mint Cafe, in Milan, at Viale Bligny 15, in the university zone near Porta Romana. The protagonist is the photographer Silvia Giovanardi.

“Honey Moon 1” is a personal vision of Japan experienced during a honeymoon, in an atmosphere of love, to whisper the silent majesty of a national comparable to a very beautiful, fragrant, delicate woman, pure and full of force.

A fashion designer and photographer, when she was very young Silvia Giovanardi began to specialize in the art of naturalistic photography through the study of details, making use of old reflex cameras. Her passion for fashion design runs parallel to her growth as a photographer, which has led her, after studies at IED in Milan, to take the big step: to enter the world of a digital rangefinder camera, revolutionizing and changing the quality of her work. Silvia Giovanardi prints her photographs on fabric to make three-dimensional garments that tell a story: her story.