It is possible to become a specialist in the design and management of hospitality facilities: now in its third edition, in September the Advanced Training Course on Hotel Design Solutions returns, at the Consortium.

A pragmatic response to the need for a new generation of capable, up-to-date designers, and a unique opportunity for hotel owners, managers, professionals and the industry to put their own background into context, interacting with other players in the hospitality world .

The direct relationship between students and teachers, and amongst the participants themselves, have given rise over the years to a true community that grows from year to year, triggering synergies and collaborations outside of the classroom, to an ever increasing extent.

Two weeks of lectures, exercises, talks by the best designers and experts in the field, and three weeks of project work, during which creative and design skills are put into practice. 25 days of training, including evening visits to hotels, innovative spaces, health clubs and venues Milan.

Based on their available time, professional interests and knowledge of design software, students can decide whether to attend only the theory lectures, or to take part in the entire program.

The Engineers’ Association of Milan has authorized the assignment of 120 professional training credits for the course, having examined the professional training content and methods of implementation.

For more information contact the Ufficio Coordinamento Formazione of – tel. (+39) 0223997275.