'Legni Cuciti' by Michele De Lucchi, at the Antonia Jannone Gallery until February 26, 2022, is an exercise in mental extension that highlights the beauty of the unconventional

The fifteen compositions of drawings and the ten sculptures that make up the Legni Cuciti exhibition by Michele De Lucchi (at the Galleria Antonia Jannone of Milan from 1 December to 26 February 2022) are a poetic exhortation to go beyond conventional techniques in the design and wood processing.

Is it possible to sew wood?

The works are made with wooden parts not assembled, not stuck, not glued. But sewn. A practice absolutely foreign to what has been transmitted to us as usual up to now. An innovative method that perfectly draws the evolutionist artistic soul of De Lucchi, who chooses this path to give shape to less homogeneous and more authentic pieces , in the name of an imperfect and extraordinary 'making by hand'. With that quid that distinguishes each piece as unique.

Geometry doesn't matter

Each work is a hymn to imperfection: the geometric lines are set aside, in order to obtain pieces of art born from inhomogeneous parts tightly joined. Without any premeditated point of contact.

Contemporary tradition

The parts are joined by means of a iron wire , according to the traditional sewing of Inuit canoes, reinterpreted and adapted according to recent research that Michele De Lucchi conducted, through a free experimentation of the raw material. The combination of different shapes leaves open the possibility of creating new, non-linear and faithful to the original nature of wood.

In addition to having drawn from the Arctic culture, Michele De Lucchi brings to the fore the fascinating (imperfect) aesthetics of ancient buildings, which were made with artisanal techniques able to fully express the passion of an authentic and enjoyable 'doing' typical of sensitivity human.

Michele De Lucchi and Antonia Jannone Architectural Drawings

'Woods sewn' is also an opportunity for a new, rediscovered collaboration between Michele De Lucchi and Antonia Jannone Drawings of Architecture. In the past, the gallery has hosted several solo shows, including: 'Paintings' (2008), 'Tavolini' (2011), 'Montagne' (2013), 'Baracche e Baracchette' (2015), 'Cataste' (2018).

Useful information

The exhibition is open to everyone, from 1 December to 26 February 2022, at the Antonia Jannone Drawings of Architecture gallery - C.so Giuseppe Garibaldi, 125.

The opening hours are as follows:

  • from Monday to Saturday: 15:30 - 19:30
  • morning by appointment only