For Icone Luce, light is a design element, essential to give character to interior spaces. Through continuous artistic and visual research, the light of Icone provides an open instrument capable of creating different identities for space, in terms of both perception and function.

Designed by Marco Pagnoncelli, the Icone products are versatile objects ready to light any space with great personality, graphic presences that add meaning to space.

Light floods spaces, possesses them, gives them life. Light purifies places and opens the horizon, revealing their essence and materic identity. Essential economy as a way of being and compositional rigor are expressions of lucid, accurate design.

The creative idea behind Icone avoids ornament to focus on the coincidence between essential forms and functions. Icone’s products are objects of poetic reaction that become markers in the domestic territory. From the sobriety of the form, new seductions of contemporary style come into being, and not by chance. The catalogue features objects that provide light with a personal stylistic approach. Quality, attention to detail, technical expertise and good design are the features shared by all the firm’s creations.!fiera