An exhibition in Milan from 11 to 25 April brings together the photographs resulting from the dialogue between 16 photographers and 16 architectural firms. Ideal Standard and Towant tell the story of construction sites through the language of photography

Photographs are living tools of design, the invention of possible futures conveyed through images. And yes, it is true, there are many ways of doing photography, but those who want to tell the story of reality do not invent it: they observe and interpret it. With new languages and original artistic initiatives such as this one desired by Ideal Standard in collaboration with Towant in which photography dialogues with the world of architecture filmed, for the occasion, during the construction phase, that of the building site, a crucial passage between the moment of the design concept and that of the finished work. "Design Shooting" is the cultural initiative from which a photographic exhibition takes shape that recounts contemporary architecture through a new, artistic and unusual gaze, and encourages the relationship and creative exchange between designers and photographers.

16 photographers for 16 architecture studios

After the success of the first edition in 2022, Design Shooting is renewed with a project that sees the pairing of 16 photographers with 16 design studios that are key players on the contemporary architecture scene: Amdl Circle/Mauro Serra, ATI Project/Santo Curcio, Barreca & La Varra/Caterina Maria Carla Bona, Consalez Rossi Architetti Associati/Albina Sokhova, Dontstop Architettura di Michele Brunello e Marco Brega/Pietro Olioso, E45 s. r.l. /Giulio Oldrini, FTA | Filippo Taidelli Architetto/Giovanni Hänninen, GaS Studio/Saverio Lombardi Vallauri, ileniaviscardiarchitetto/Beatrice Perego, Nick Maltese_Fede Pagetti Interiors/Alfredo Muscatello Pierattelli Architetture/Anastasiya Tymofyeyeva, Revery/Ema Peter, Studio Bello Dias/Ruy Teixeira, Studio D73/Angelo Del Negro, Studio MDW Architetti Associati/Lucrezia Rossi, Studiocarta/Davide Galli Atelier. Each photographer, chosen for the original point of view of his or her photography, was asked to take a shot set in one of the building sites of the studio entrusted to him or her, to narrate the world of the project through his or her lens and personal poetics.

A particular angle

The initiative aims to encourage a new language, free from predetermined schemes, capable of communicating the inspiration that guided the architect during the design phase. Each individual photographer makes his or her own contribution by narrating the reality of contemporary architecture framed from a unique angle and enriching the narrative with unprecedented nuances.

The public is also involved

The "Design Shooting" exhibition, from 11 to 25 April at oTTo in via Paolo Sarpi 10 in Milan (from 10.00 to 20.00 with free admission), sees the 16 photos of the project on display, which will be available to the public in postcard format. Public who in turn are invited to vote for their favourite photo through a QR Code inside the exhibition or, for the duration of the exhibition, by casting their vote on the landing page

The three most popular photographs, together with another photo selected directly by the organisers involved in the initiative, will compete for the final victory.