INTERNI Designer's Week was an important restart signal for Milan and for the furniture sector. Respectful of the rules but with joyful concessions to physical presence, it celebrated design as an engine of collective reconstruction, as well as entrepreneurial

There is a book that comes to mind when you think of the two weeks we have just lived in Milan: The voices of Marrakech, Elias Canetti's travel diary from 1969. In this small volume, written by the Nobel Prize in a moment of creative and philosophical stasis, all that is unknown becomes the lever to go back to thinking wellThe voices of Marrakech’ describes cautious steps, full of attention and amazement. Suspended, uncertain steps, which however slowly dig new paths. Canetti insists, in his perplexed diary, about his need for a safe place to return from the shaking feeling provided by relentless change. This is an atmosphere of restart – on tiptoe, cautious but full of energy – comparable to that experienced in Milan during Milan Design City and INTERNI Designer's Week.

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General and broadcast rehearsals awaiting September and a Salone that is still very much in discussion. Whatever happens, one thing is clear: the city is ready to uphold its name as the Capital of Design and will continue to do so thanks to INTERNI, as it already experienced last September and again now. With showrooms that wore the party dress, companies that presented selected novelties, journalists wandering around the streets of the center while most of the "events" took place online, in an enthusiastic mix of real and digital.

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The figures are good: INTERNI Designer's Week, in collaboration with the main partners AUDI and Eni, has stimulated and aggregated the Design System with fifty companies that presented collections and new products. INTERNI not only an information tool with its printed and digital Guide but in turn promoter of a debate on the hot topics of the moment, from creativity to environmental protection, to urban regeneration through talks with high-level personalities, important actors of change towards a more sustainable future.
Twelve days in which media coverage, on the product and talk side, was promptly anticipated by the Newsletter and by the website, relaunched in a new guise on 8 April.

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The most evident note is the composure of a sector that has had time to think and has discovered the need to redesign its entrepreneurial identity, seriously measuring itself on the risks faced so far. A prudent attitude, which however is never immobilized. New showrooms have been opened with the explicit intention of better defining their identity and, at the same time, providing spaces dedicated to dialogue with the public. New collections were previewed. These are strategic choices that renew the pact of trust between the city, the design system and businesses. Because the other new dynamic is that which sees design thinking proliferate beyond the furnishing sector, as evidenced by the constant commitment of AUDI and Eni alongside INTERNI.

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