Centro Saint-Bénin - Aosta - Fino al 28 aprile 2019

Centro Saint-Bénin – Aosta – Until 28 April 2019


Curated by Dino Aloi and Silvia Jacovitti, the artist’s daughter, the exhibition includes 250 original drawings by the great creator of comics, retracing a career that lasted almost 60 years during which Jacovitti invented memorable characters that have accompanied entire generations of young people.

Sketches, cartoons, panels of comics and illustrations form an itinerary in which visitors can get a glimpse of the original works for the first time. There are also works created for promotional items and 60 drawings of figurines made in 1954 for the album of Il Vittorioso “Genti d’ogni paese.”

Catalogue published by Il Pennino.

For info: Assessorato Istruzione e Cultura Struttura Attività Espositive: tel. 0165.275937 u-mostre@regione.vda.it Centro Saint-Bénin: tel. 0165.272687 www.regione.vda.it