In Modena there is a red thread that crosses the city and its territory, passing across history from the building of the cathedral to the patronage of the Este family, all the way to the major exhibition facilities for art, in which photography plays an increasingly important role.

And there is a school – that of the masters program of advanced study on the contemporary image of Fondazione Fotografia Modena – capable of mutually nurturing the cultural past and present of the city.


Starting with such thoughts, the photographer from Genoa Mario Cresci has involved the students of the program in a site-specific art project about the Musei Civici di Modena.

The outcome of the project is a free photography exhibition entitled Corrispondenze.


The students – Giulia Di Michele, Silvia Gelli, Prisca Magnani, Alice Mazzarella, Milena Nicolosi, Francesco Paglia, Alessandro Partexano, Federika Ponnetti, Clelia Rainone, Michela Ronco, Yulia Tikhomirova, Sara Vighi, Viviana Vitale – were asked to work inside the museums, to reinterpret the collections and exhibition spaces. The results are original works that bring out the details of the museum displays.