Creative Connections: Interni September on newsstand with the FuoriSalone 2021 guide

The pages of September have a precise orientation. We’re talking about Creative Connections, taking our cue from the title of the exhibition-event by Interni for the FuoriSalone 2021 in Milan. The focus is on links and relationships among the protagonists of creativity, designers and companies, distribution networks, ideas and projects from different places and cultures, inside the boundaries of a virtuous system of research and innovation aimed at the scenario of a more sustainable future: in production processes, optimization of resources and materials, organized under the aegis of the circular economy.

Creative Connections

Conscious of the fact that this sweeping theme represents fertile ground for developments beyond the temporal boundaries of the exhibition with which INTERNI (one year later, due to the pandemic) celebrates the 30th anniversary of its activity in the FuoriSalone, in this issue we have amplified our range, presenting recent works of architecture by some of the protagonists of the Creative Connections show: JJeffrey Beers, Mario Cucinella, Ma Yansong, Kengo Kuma, NOA, Fabio Novembre, Emilio Randazzo, Marco Nereo Rotelli, Mac Stopa, Cino Zucchi, who have all contributed installations for the event at the Università degli Studi in Milan; Carlo Ratti at the Orto Botanico di Brera; and Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave at the Audi City Lab on Via della Spiga.

In multiple languages, they all interpret the dream of a more beautiful and virtuous world, ready to build dialogues with people and the environment. Lia Piano tells us about Fondazione Renzo Piano and the series of monographic publications on the works of the great architect and the studio RPBW. Last but not least, we concentrate on the latest proposals of design and the new products for this year, surveyed by the gazes of four photographers close to our magazine, to generate a polyphonic narrative.

Illustration: Christoph Radl - Motion graphic: Daniele Basilico