La Rinascente opens its doors to the innovative creations of 8 international designers selected at the SaloneSatellite 2016.

The Design Supermarket of the department store on Piazza Duomo displays and sells products by 8 young designers selected at the SaloneSatellite 2016: Alcarol (Italy), Animaro (England), Ehya Design Studio (Italy), Nestor Campos (Sweden), Richa Gujadhur (Mauritius), Sara Ricciardi (Italy), Shinya Yoshida Design (Japan), Studio Nito (Germany).


SaloneSatellite 2016, curated by Marva Griffin Wilshire, focused on the theme New Design/New Materials, for an exploration of new developments in the science of materials.

The selected projects focus on giving new value to humble materials, or on the potential of a new generation of substances processed with contemporary techniques.

Seating, tables, lamps, vases, toys and more.