The immersive installation of Asahi Glass: from the transparency of the material, sounds created a surreal experience in the spaces of Ventura Centrale

Soundscape was the surprising immersive installation by AGC Asahi Glass, made in collaboration with the up-and-coming Japanese architect Motosuke Mandai during Milan Design Week.

Sounds were emitted from the transparency of glass to create an original and surreal audio experience in the spaces of Ventura Centrale.


A place where time seemed to stand still, a transparent sheet of glass fragmented and suspended in the air, with the invisible element of sound.

Each fragment broadcast natural sounds, like birdsong, murmuring water, breaking waves. Timbres and acoustic effects that change from listener to listener, from place to place.

The sounds came from field recordings, based on the theme of the cycle of water, which transforms from steam to liquid, from a drop to an entire sea.

The glass that “sounds” designed by AGC Asahi Glass represents a new type of laminated glass made by overlaying two panes with a special middle layer.

The three layers reduce the phenomenon of resonance typical of glass, making it possible to reproduce a stable, clan sound across a vast range of frequencies.