The exhibition narrates the phases of the voyage of Ulysses, a dialogue between the ceramist and sculptor Domenico Pinto and the great wayfarer. A narrative with 18 statues of horses, amidst arguments, irony, fantasy and history, made in terracotta coated and glazed with lustres and pure gold, in different sizes (50×50 – 58×55 cm).

A dream itinerary, a dialogue between Pinto and the wayfarer, made of contests of intelligence, disputes and wisdom. Vicissitudes that express the desire to escape, to know, to challenge the unknown, that something near or far that draws you to Ithaca, the destination, the desire. Pinto represents this ideal with a cloud resting over Ithaca, a strong human aspiration and ambition.

And then there is love. Calypso hides behind her the great Ithaca and facing her lover she says, “if you remain here with me I will make you young and immortal.” But here too the ideal wins; Ulysses does not accept, and continues his fantastic voyage.

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