The initiative at the Triennale benefits Tam Tam, the non-profit design school founded at the start of this year by Alessandro Guerriero, Alessandro Mendini and Riccardo Dalisi. To make the idea come alive and grow, Alessandro Mendini has designed the vase “Immagini d’Io” and invited designers, creative professionals and fashion talents to personalize it with a ‘self-portrait.’ This original collection will be auctioned on 17 Decemberand put on display in the Design Café for one month. A free evening school without its own facilities, Tam Tam is an experimental and innovative educational format that has involved 40 famous creative contributors as volunteer teachers (including Italo Rota, Maurizio Cattelan, Luca Scacchetti) and 140 students, selected not by age or academic qualifications, but based on their talent. The auction is an invitation to the community to support this project. More info at