Merci, during the fair Maison&Objet, organizes an event presenting reflections on the theme of imperfection: a return to the flaw, the unfinished, the accidental, things rejected, broken and repaired.


In a society where the pursuit of beauty and perfection is the order of the day, the Parisian concept store outlines a trend for the new year.



Objects on display include: the citrus squeezer of the International Center of Glassmaking of Meisenthal, the Le Parfait deformed tankard by Nadia Gallardo, the Duralex glasses modified by the design duo of Loris&Livia, the vases in blown glass inside a metal grid by Vanessa Mitrani and the plates by Pierre Cazenove for Jars where color creates irregular patches, different for every piece.


There are also products by Manufacture de Digoin that recycle unfinished or rejected bowls and carafes.


Finally, visitors can see the colored chair shells made by the design collective L’Atelier Maximum by salvaging industrial refuse in plastic, which is then worked with a special machine.