The September issue with Annual Contract

The conviction spreads and grows: it is possible to narrate a more optimistic present and future of living together by networking and grasping the opportunities offered by critical situations. The extraordinary success of the recent Design Week in Milan, the world’s best-loved design event in spite of the uncustomary scheduling in hot, muggy June, simply reinforced this point of view, bringing the most innovative projects and areas of research packed with high-quality contents, in which interests of culture and the market contribute to make Milan the unrivaled International Design Capital.

Milano FuoriSalone 2022 Interni September on newsstands
Motion Graphic: Daniele Basilico

These developments are narrated, as usual, in an issue of our magazine that reinterprets the meaning of the many initiatives (over 350 mapped in our Guide) that involved the entire city, all the way to the outskirts of Baranzate, inside showrooms, museums and art galleries, garages, depots and abandoned factories. By tradition, we have always been one of the protagonists of this choral happening that renews the focus on an inimitable model of a reticular, multicentric, polyphonic, international and inclusive city, where design becomes the driving force of the post-pandemic restart, also in tune with the Italian system as a whole.

The numbers tell the story: about 300,000 people visited the three sites of the exhibition Design Re-Generation, from 6 to 13 June, at the Università degli Studi di Milano, Orto Botanico di Brera, Audi House of Progress on Piazza Cordusio – joined this year by Cappellini @ IBM Studios Milano at Piazza Gae Aulenti. A record turnout that confirms the central importance of our event in the FuoriSalone.

The exhibition took its cue from the concept of regeneration seen as redevelopment, recovery, rebirth, but also as the formation of a new holistic awareness that makes design become a tool to encourage the harmonious interaction between manmade space and nature. Sustainability and care for the environment inspired the over 40 installations produced by outstanding companies and institutions, created by internationally acclaimed architects and designers, with the support of three co-producers, Plenitude, Audi and Whirlpool, including an intense program of conferences to continue to discover factors for reflection, development and interchange.

Top: Overview of the installations of the exhibition Interni "Design Re-Generation" in the Cortile d'Onore of the University of Milan. Photo by Andrea Martiradonna.