Scheduled to take place in Rimini from 11 to 13 October, the most comprehensive hospitality marketplace offers a rich calendar of events to orientate oneself among the innovations that are changing the hospitality and outdoor industry

From 11 to 13 October, the Rimini Exhibition Centre will host the first edition of InOut | The Contract Community, the Italian Exhibition Group event where the world of hospitality meets the supply of products and services for its project. The new format, a catalyst for the world of contract and hospitality supplies, gives voice and space to innovative ways of cultural contamination and unprecedented canons of building and interior design.

Three days of events, four exhibition areas

Over the course of three days punctuated by a packed calendar of events - designed so that participants can learn about current events and the changes that are altering the sectors in question - the newborn format brings together SIA Hospitality Design, SUN Beach&Outdoor Style, Superfaces and Greenscape in four separate areas.

Utopia as a realisable idea

The main theme of the 2023 edition of InOut is 'Utopia', a term understood in its positive meaning of a realisable ideal. It is no coincidence that the phrase chosen to describe the term is borrowed from Oscar Wilde and recalls how utopian thought can lead to full concreteness: "Progress," recalls the writer, "is the realisation of utopia". "Every year we choose a concept for our event that, in a single word, reflects the historical, social and economic moment in which companies in the sector find themselves," explains Gloria Armiri, Group Exhibition Manager - Tourism & Hospitality Division of Italian Exhibition Group.

Initiatives and appointments

"An exercise in analysis and synthesis made possible by our daily contact with companies and territories through the work of all the teams in the Tourism&Hospitality division, from the sales team to the editorial staff; constant listening also through the many initiatives linked to the event and the collateral events organised throughout the year", Armiri continues.

Nine arenas for 200 events

For this edition there are five arenas dedicated to InOut | The Contract Community and four reserved for TTG Travel Experience, the main B2B tourism marketplace in Italy: nine arenas for a total of more than 200 events and a parterre welcoming more than 250 Italian and foreign speakers, each of whom brings his or her own experience and ideas on the evolution of the tourism sector.

Rooms, telling the story of transformative tourism

And speaking of the rich calendar of events planned, Rooms and Treeview are two of the four exhibitions organised for the occasion. Curated by EN Space network, the Rooms project offers six inspirational concepts that take on the task of narrating as many ways of understanding and experiencing transformative tourism: New Seniors to Mars (by New Seniors Design: Anna Anna Gatti, Sung Sook Kim, NCB Architettura: Riccardo Emanuele, Samuel Balasso), Nomadhotel (by Debonademeo: Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo), Mushroom (by Carlo Donati Studio: Carlo Donati), #Dream (by Francesca Grassi), The Most Luxury Room Ever (by Lorenzoguzziniarchitecture: Lorenzo Guzzini), Vision-Air (by Nina Songhori Concept Design Studio: Nina Songhori).

Human beings and trees at the centre of Treeview

Treeview declines the theme of Utopia, recounting "a future in which human beings and trees coexist according to the principles of reciprocity," explained Paolo Scoglio of The Ne[s]t Research and Development team, who signed the installation. In this way, Treeview represents a concrete example of intelligent architecture, built with strictly sustainable materials (from natural wood to textiles) that invite visitors to establish a symbiotic relationship with the plant element.