The new project of design of innovation (and relations) by Aldo Cibic, in a preview in the spaces of Caffè Florian in Venice

Sala Cinese of Caffè Florian, Venice

Until 8 September

The new project of innovation design by Aldo Cibic, making its debut as a collateral event of the Venice Biennale, is a platform to gather data and to investigate the relations between man, technologies, nature and innovation. A research project on expectations and perceptions of the society.

(in)complete is a project of design of relations conceived to develop tools of analysis that can be useful to understand the future that awaits us.

It is possible to directly participate at the website:

In Venice the project takes the form of an interactive installation set up in the Sala Cinese of Caffè Florian.



Thanks to the help of a group of cultural mediators, visitors can respond to 16 questions in order to contribute to create collective intelligence that takes on the appearance of a colored cloud in constant motion.


A 3D cloud that is transformed by the replies that arrive from the web in real time.