Interni magazine pays homage to summer, relaxation, regeneration: in architecture around water, in design furniture for outdoor living in the open air, in contact with nature and the landscape

July-August issue, as in the past, is a tribute to summer, to slow, relaxing living and psycho-physical regeneration, often in an outdoor setting. The works of architecture we examine celebrate beauty, creativity and innovation, focusing on projects that have a relationship with water. From Sardinia to Ghana, Cabo Verde to India, all the way to South Carolina, each location interprets an approach to the constructed world in an inseparable bond with the nature and culture of the territory, making optimal use of identities, know-how and resources in a sustaina- ble way, respecting, protecting and enhancing the landscape.

Graphic Motion: Daniele Basilico

Outdoor furniture for living en plein air

The pages on design also reflect the en plein air spirit. The latest new creations for outdoor décor are the protagonists of photo shoots made in exceptional contexts: Sardinia, in its less glossy and truest guise, narrated by Gianluca Vassallo, who lives on the island, and the Jorn House Museum at Albissola Marina, the home Asger Jorn built for himself in the 1950s as a total artwork. The theme of nature also permeates our articles of in-depth analysis.

Design and botanical sciences

Stefano Mancuso and the founders of the studio Pnat talk about their projects that combine design with the botanical sciences to create a new harmony between human beings, plants and animals, as a way of coping with climate change.

The technical-aesthetic relationship

Then the four natural elements of ancient cosmogonies - earth, water, air, fire - are evoked as a key of interpretation for contemporary creativity, where technique and aesthetics blend in an increasingly close relationship.