The theme selected for the Cagliari edition, by AIAP Design Per, isTrame e Tessuti, addressed in every area of the event. “It is a metaphor of contemporary life”, says Daniela Piscitelli, President of AIAP. After the demise of the myth of progress base on the physical production of objects and construction, which lay behind the birth and evolution of design, today the culture of textiles seems to be the best representation of the contemporary condition. A mental technology that is able to connect physical reality and the world of ideas, constructing a new civilization composed of persons, markets, objects, economics, a world of dynamic and, at times, conflicting relationships. The program calls for many different appointments: round tables, conferences, conversations, exhibitions, workshops open to students and professionals, conducted by internationally renowned graphic designers. Guests at this edition: Oder Ezer(Israel, Type and Graphic Designer) for the Type workshop; Sascha Lobe(Germany, Art Director of the studio L2M3) for the workshop on publishing graphics; Elise Muchir and Franklin Desclouds(France, founders of the Paris-based studio Des Signes) for the museum workshop.