Designed by Sara Ricciardi, the December 2022 cover of Interni (on newsstands from Saturday 3) is an interactive project: with QR codes that provide day-by-day insights into the stories contained in the issue

The cover of the December issue of Interni Magazine (on newsstands from Saturday 3), designed by Sara Ricciardi, is the graphic representation of a condominium that invites you to discover the teeming life hidden in its interiors. Just like in an advent calendar, however, surprises arrive from the windows to be discovered one by one, day by day: QR codes which, activated by readers, allow you to learn more of the stories contained in the issue.


First of all, that of Pataspazio: a place in Milan where Sara Ricciardi works but where she makes many other things happen, such as playing, eating, dancing, organizing dating and cultivate friendships. The designer has decided to tell it for the first time exclusively in this issue of Interni and she does it with a video which is a visual poem made of bodies, movement, color and sound dynamics.

Glances at the world

Then there is Riccardo Dalisi who tells Alessandro Guerriero about his design approach. There is the philosopher Gianni Vattimo who for the Milan Triennale gives a masterful lecture on the meaning of living through the metaphor of the library which transports to multiple outer worlds. There is Anna Heringer who, with the projects she participates in in Ghana and Bangladesh, underlines the social role of architecture.

The personalities of living

"I thought of visualizing a condominium", explains Sara Ricciardi, "as a container of a complex human biodiversity that is enriched and evolves through colours, objects, actions and movements of thought. The personalities of living are expressed through the shape of the places: houses, buildings, but also urban contexts – entire cities enjoy certain expressive codes. I liked the idea of opening the windows of these apartments as living and relationship spaces to show the vision of those who live there, or the effort that people make every day to choose and act in their particular working and family daily life".

Interiors with ‘agile’ forms

The works of architecture continue by exploring interiors with ‘agile’ forms and thinking, fascinating stages for transformation: in Milan, Rome, Hamburg, Connecticut and the world. Precious remarks are offered by Anne Lacaton, Pritzker Prize 2021, an ex­ponent of an approach of transformation of the existing world that rejects the term demolition. The importance of a radical perspective today is ad­dressed by the philosopher Leonardo Caffo, who observes that we no lon­ger speak of design only through objects, but also by reaching out to other disciplines.

Collectible design

It is therefore only natural that the boundaries between art and design often tend to be blurred: this is why collectible design has be­come a preferred pathway of research for many contemporary creatives, as explained in an investigation with the most famous international galler­ies. In the month of Art Basel Miami Beach, we pay homage to the world of art, which has often triggered important revolutions of ideas and pro­duction of everyday useful objects. Our articles play with installations, museum atmospheres and works, underlining the multiple points of meet­ing and contamination between the one-of-a-kind dimension and the pro­cesses of mass production.