Architecture, design, art: interconnections and experimentation

Transdisciplinary research, interconnection of different forms of expertise, creative proximity to the language of art: our focus in this issue is on the more experimental side of design, through perspectives that explore the generative processes behind a work.

Motion Graphic: Daniele Basilico

Unconventional approaches

The idea of an international workshop as this month’s dri­ver has been interpreted in our coverage of interior architecture, examining very different contexts with unconventional approa­ches. From Archea Associati to NeatStudio in Tuscany, from the Italian Pavilion at the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale (20 May to 26 November), curated by the Milan-based group Fosbury, all the way to Lee Broom, a British designer who is also a protagonist in the United States, the sce­narios reflect the major themes of innovation in the home and the urban habitat in general: grea­ter proximity to nature, and a more intimate dimension of physical spaces and objects.

Between art and craftsmanship

This tone is captured perfectly in the recent works by Gaetano Pesce, an international maverick who has made research on materials into a distinctive signature. The cover story on Venini, a case of ma­nufacturing excellence in the art of blown glass, suggests an ideal bridge between Venice and New York. Finally, a tribute to Ugo La Pietra: with a double solo show, in Genoa and Milan, he demonstrates how his radical narratives on habitation of urban space – well ahead of their time – can still offer many timely lessons and ideas today.