Zanotta and Salvioni pay homage to Milan with an ideal apartment filled with typical Milanese atmosphere

Salvioni showroom, Via Durini 3, Milan

Until the end of January 2019

Zanotta and Salvioni pay homage to the city of Milan with Interno Milanese, an ideal apartment, a sequence of habitat scenarios, a context of total living where spaces for relaxation and socializing, dining, music, study and sleep are furnished with products by Zanotta, selected from the brand’s icons and most recent collections.

A project of display and culture set up in the Salvioni Design Solutions showroom – 1100 m2 on six levels, in a residential building from the early 1900s in the historical center of the city – to recreate the typical atmosphere of a Milanese apartment through certain decorative elements and furnishings that have contributed to write the history of design and lifestyle.

With Interno Milanese, Zanotta and Salvioni propose a vision, an original way of looking at the home, suggesting languages and functional features that express the characteristic taste of the city while also configuring spaces of metropolitan life, pointing to new possibilities for the future.

One distinctive feature of the apartment is the use of decorative wallpaper by WallPepper made to measure. In the living area the Milan skyline is sketched out in ink drawings, in an accurate reproduction of one of the most iconic works by Carlo Stanga.