Shots that unveil abandoned places, in an abandoned place. The former barracks of Sant’Eufemia hosts a selection of 50 photographs by Luca Blast Forlani, designer and photographer. The essential exhibit design enhances the photographs and the surrounding sapce, creating an intimate atmosphere. The works interact with the space, inhabit it and communicate with it. The photographer leads visitors, with his pictures, through spaces that are teeming with life. The sequence of images is paced by strong contrasts: the play of light and shadow, close-ups and panoramic views of impressive structures, the noises of the past and the silence of the present.Nature, alive, slow but burgeoning, silent and inexorable, overwhelms decaying matter to create a new, different space. There are also videos by Matteo Giacchella and Gastone Clementi, shot during some of the explorations of the Intruders.