Eight young design talents from eight different countries will soon be in Friuli Venezia Giulia for the first edition of the workshop at the Industrial District of Chairs, with the aim of developing new products to offer to 24 companies in the District. The goal of the first edition of Italian Design Workshop, seven days on design organized by the Agency for Development of the Industrial District of Chairs (Asdi Sediaconsortium) and the National Institute of Foreign Trade (ICE) in collaboration with the magazine Interni, is to develop new concepts and new products to stimulate the companies of the territory, to interpret the material wood both for traditional production of seating and for new products, in order to enter market segments as yet unexplored by these firms. Young international designers will work on creations, inspired and guided by three masters of design Made in Italy, namely Carlo Colombo, Matteo Ragni, Riccardo Blumer, during the Woodmaking Workshop: chairs and more, and with the participation of the studio Vudafieri Saverinofor one evening of the program. www.italian-workshop-design.it.