For Artefiera 2017, the exhibition L’Esprit des Lieux by Jacques Toussaint comes to Bologna. The show, part of the official circuit of Artefiera – Art City Bologna, features a series of installations developed starting from the Canticle of the Sun of St. Francis.

The site-specific installations are placed in three locations around Bologna: the Torri dell’Acqua of Budrio, the Romanesque basilica of Saints Vitale & Agricola of the complex of the Seven Churches of St. Stephen in Bologna, and the church of San Francesco at Valsamoggia in Crespellano.

The audio-visual production and light installations of Jacques Toussaint trigger a relationship among three very particular places in the metropolitan area.

Hours: Basilica dei Santi Vitale e Agricola Complesso di Santo Stefano, Piazza Santo Stefano – Bologna – every day 9.30 – 19.00 – Info: 0514126177

Torri dell’Acqua, via Benni 1 – Budrio (Bo) – – tel: 051801205 – 3356352774

Oratorio di San Francesco, via S. Francesco 3 Crespellano – Valsamoggia (Bo) – Sunday 14.30 – 16.30 – by request tel: 051964137