Ginkgo, a light, recyclable umbrella, has won the Italian edition of the international competition. Made with just 25 pieces of polypropylene, Ginkgo is sustainable because it reduces waste and has a strong structure for durability. Its creator, Gianluca Savalli,  a student at the Milan Polytechnic, has examined the weak points of normal compact umbrellas: lack of strength and flexibility, complex assemble of many parts – 120 in all, including metal and non-recyclable plastic. Ginkgo is made entirely of polypropylene, a light but strong plastic. This makes it possible to reduce the number of parts by 80%, increasing strength and simplifying production. Gianluca Savalli wins the James Dyson Award Certificate and a cash prize of 1000 pounds, to further develop the project. Ginkgo will compete with the best international projects from 18 countries in the next selection phase. To see all the competing projects, visit: