In the center of Beirut, the Soma architecture studio has been commissioned ot create the Koukjian jewelry store. The exclusive location is an open space, long and narrow, of 46 m2, conceived as a reminder of a precious jewelry box, white and luxurious but also essential and contemporary.A fundamental material selected for the interiors is the techno-surface DuPont Corian, used to create the innovative materic effects of the walls, made thanks to parametric software that creates a clear reference to the skill of the craftsmen who set precious stones, as in the pieces shown inside the boutique. Besides the strips of white DuPont Corian used for the whole facing of the interior, other furnishing elements in Corian have been made for the facility by Tribu Designof Beirut.Not just the walls, but also the display cases are made with Corian: refined, discreet columns underscore the beauty of the jewelry in the main display area. The monolithic, clean design of a long reception table at the center of the open space forms a contrast with the jagged texture of the walls and ceiling. The table is made in Corian and includes lighting solutions that bring out its geometric forms and the purity of the all-white space.