The spectacular luminous installation by Michael Anastassiades for the launch of the new Arrangements collection of chandeliers by Flos

During the FuoriSalone 2018, Flos unveiled a spectacular light installation by the London-based designer of Cypriot origin Michael Anastassiades, to celebrate the launch of the new Arrangements chandelier collection.



The striking installation Jewels after Jewels after Jewels  filled the whole display space at Corso Monforte 15. The long window of the outer atrium foreshadowed the concept of this extraordinary project with a sophisticated teaser of miniaturized geometry, combined in such a way as to visually form the name of the brand.


Between a light sculpture and an object of industrial design, Arrangements is a modular system of luminous LED geometric element, for free combination in multiple compositions of single or interconnected chandeliers.

The modules are fastened to each other electrically and mechanically in a simple procedure, remaining in perfect balance and creating the dramatic effect of a large luminous chain.

Every combination can be modified at any time, with a different order and number of forms, without the need for technical personnel.