Created for the former Max Mara clothing factory, now home of the Collezione Maramotti, the large installation Are We Still Going On? by Kaarina Kaikkonen accompanies the structural composition of the building, an outstanding specimen of the Brutalist and Organicist architecture of the 1950s. The old entrance to the factory – where the work was made – is ideally split into two areas; the horizontal arches in reinforced concrete that connect the pillars not only give architectural rhythm to the space, but also become part of the work of the artist. The installation is composed of two symmetrical structures similar to the skeleton of a large boat. The simple keel is divided into two parts extending from the ceiling to the floor, with the same semicircular compositional rhythm, made with knotted garments. Thanks to the choice of the colors of the two complementary structures, the garments suggest a symbolic dialogue between male and female: light tones on one side, cooler tones on the other. The overall effect is one of harmonious beauty.