Galleria Antonia Jannone presents an exhibition whose theme is illustrated in about 50 works made by some of the most interesting artists on the scene today. Resin works with animals and bizarre characters in a fairytale world by Luciano Civettini, psychedelic flowers and birds by Fulvia Mendini, embroidery and paintings on canvas that can be folded for travel by Roberta Savelli, white books blown by the wind by Lorenzo Perrone, dreamy collages by Giuseppe Ragazzini, all the way to the armies of microscopic soldiers of Fausto Rossi, the “concert” of Anna Vermiglia De Carlo and the canvases full of artificial nature by Dany Vescovi. The exhibition is done in collaboration with Artsforkids, the first gallery for children, which starts with a virtual exhibition space (all the works can be purchased online), but occasionally does shows in different places, with works by outstanding artists on the national scene.–