“Know-how and sustainability: Italy and Mexico in dialogue” is a webinar organized by the Embassy of Italy in Mexico, by the Italian Cultural Institute in which the director of INTERNI Gilda Bojardi participates from Italy

A special study on sustainability and know-how and the increasingly important role they play in the development of contemporary planning. These are the issues that will be addressed today at 4 pm (Italian time) by the webinar "Know-how and sustainability: Italy and Mexico in dialogue", a webinar that concludes the cycle of events, debates and conferences are held in Mexico between March and April on the occasion of the @italiandesignday_official 2022, dedicated to the topic "Regeneration. Design and new technologies for a sustainable future".

The webinar is organized and edited by the Embassy of Italy in Mexico, by the Italian Cultural Institute and by Interni and moderated by Riccardo Cannelli, Cultural Expert of the Institute Italian Culture of Mexico City.

Speakers Gilda Bojardi, director of Interni, who participates from Italy, while from Mexico there will be Ana Elena Mallet, expert in contemporary art and design and curator of important exhibitions in Mexico and around the world; Roberto Iñiguez, National Dean of the School of Architecture, Art and Design of the Technological Institute of Monterrey; Sebastián Ocampo, designer of Nouvel Studio, one of the most important glass processing companies in the world.

To follow the webinar online, at 4pm (Italian time):

https://us06web.zoom.us?36/j/82744d365 Y1d6V0xFaHRTYThGbnRYelZ2ZmVLdz09

Meeting ID: 827 4436 5736

Access code: 828683