In the auditorium of Santa Lucia, ideas for the renewal of the former military area, developed by a research team of the school in collaboration with 14 young architecture studios. The show can be seen at the time of the cycle of lectures “I Classici”, every Thursday evening in May, and on 13 May together with the screening of the film “Francesco Guccini. La mia Thule.” The projects will then be displayed in June at the Urban Center. The former Staveco area represents a great opportunity for the city of Bologna. The city government has turned to the University to come up with an initial hypothesis of renewal to give the foothills area back to the city, with excellent functions that contribute to achieve the goal of urban reappropriation and reconstruction of environmental relationships. The University, with the Laboratorio Staveco, has involved about 30 researchers with forms of expertise ranging from architectural design to functional engineering, architectural history to restoration, urban planning to landscape design, to develop a masterplan and functional programming for the area. The reflections and projects exhibited in this phase have to do with the hypothesis of constructing a new universitary center to host clearly international functions: a college of excellence, an institute of advanced studies and a residence for visiting professors, a linguistics center, a faculty club, a residence for young talents, an interfaith center, as well as spaces for students and a dining hall. In the spirit of integration of different functions and users that alone can guarantee the success of an operation of this scope, certain equipment and collective spaces have also been designed to permit full insertion of the new functions in the urban context, like a system of open public spaces, parking, a structure for a daycare center, sports facilities, etc. The projects also take the need to utilize existing buildings into account, while safeguarding places of historical value.