Land on Art gets visitors acquainted with a new creative park, a green island in the heart of the Parco dei Colli Euganei, where artists and musicians under 35 will reside for several days, making site-specific works and sound art projects.


For the first edition, the artists are Tellas, Roberto Ciredz, Alessandra Carloni, Andrea Clementi, Caterina Sega, Jessica Ferro, Valentina Burel, Alessandro Canella, Zentequerente, Bruno Martinuzzi, Fabrizio Saiu, Alessandro Tombesi, Stefano Pettenella.  


Land on Art offers an itinerary through artistic experimentation, an emotional and sensory map in unique natural settings. Nature provides the set design and its materials. Working in close contact with the environment and the landscape, the artists create unique works inside and for a specific site.