Valencia, the world design capital in 2022, resumes the season with a full schedule of autumn events. September and October are design-oriented, for local visitors or tourists

In Valencia the classic return to the city in September this year has the flavor of a new beginning of celebrations.

With the autumn season the World Design Capital 2022 - home to the widespread event World Design Capital Valencia 2022 - comes alive with an intense schedule of events, which will populate the streets of Valencia through exhibitions, open days of local studies and artisan visits, installations, talks and themed festivals.

The fil rouge, of course, is design in its most different expressive forms.

Four 'Signature' events

With a review of pivotal events around which a large network of satellite micro events develops, the months of September and October in Valencia welcome the World Design Street Festival (from 19 to 25 September 2022), the first retrospective of Jaime Hayon in Spain and the Interior Design and Health forum. Four events that stand out in the broader context of the Valencia Disseny Week (the largest ever, this year) and the well-known Feria Hábitat Valencia.

Design within everyone's reach

The collection of appointments is identified in a single major initiative that aims to make design accessible to anyone, by telling its horizontal identity, or by educating visitors on why and how this discipline is part of every citizen's daily life. The occasion also turns out to be an opportunity to involve society, international visitors.

Valencia Disseny Week

As mentioned a few lines ago, this year in Valencia the largest Disseny Week ever will be held: the 13th edition will start on the 20th and will last until 23 September, in conjunction with the Feria Habitat Valencia, dedicated to the furniture and lighting sector.

Organized with the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community, Valencia Disseny Week aims to raise the profile of talented Valencian designers, as well as to highlight the reach of local design and illustrate its potential as an engine of innovation, sustainability and social, cultural and economic evolution.

InfinitaMente. Jaime Haynon's first retrospective

The first large-scale Spanish retrospective, dedicated to the work of Jaime Hayon, bears a title that is in itself an expression of his artistic personality: Jaime Hayon: Infinitely. It is a selection of the author's most emblematic works, a hybrid collection of installations, artistic pieces and products made for companies.

During the exhibition, works that have never before been presented in Spain, such as Masquemask, Mesamachine or Mediterranean Digital Baroque, will also be exhibited to the public, as well as large-format paintings and sculptures. The exhibition is part of the official calendar of World Design Capital Valencia 2022 and can be visited at the Center del Carme Cultura Contemporània (CCCC) from 22 September to 16 April 2023.

The International Design and Health Forum

A truly varied moment of reflection: numerous specialists from different disciplines such as paleontology, medicine, neuroscience, literature, journalism and, of course, design and architecture.

Conceptually, we will investigate the evolution of designs: starting from the past, the speakers will try to interpret the present and imagine the future in its best form. We will talk about the very first stone tools to get to tell the new technologies in use, the millenary ointments in today's hospitals, fabrics, cities in relation to prehistoric caves.

The meeting will have the objective of outlining the role of design, illustrating it as a useful tool to improve the quality of life and health of people; Relevant figures and experts in various fields will intervene to discuss opinions, experiences and provide food for thought on the key role of design in the field of Health.

In particular, among the speakers of the two days there will also be the paleontologist and doctor of biological sciences Juan Luis Arsuaga, the psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos, the writer and journalist Juan José Millás, the journalist and historian of the art Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, the architect Juli Capella, the neurobiologist Mara Dierssen. And also Ana Lluch, professor of medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia and the architect Benedetta Tagliabue.

The World Design Street Festival

Just parallel to Valencia Disseny Week, another design-oriented event will take place in the Spanish city: the World Design Street Festival, which brings together the Miradors de l'Horta initiative, the Openhouse architecture festival and the Mobility Week of the Municipality of Valencia.

Furthermore, on 20 and 21, as part of the Hábitat València fair, the Official Association of Interior Decorators and Interior Designers of the Valencian Community will organize a forum on the relationship between health and design: Interior Design and Health. Among the exhibitors, this year there will also be Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola, together with Andreu World to present their new collections.

To take part in the program of talks and meetings, among the speakers will be Juan Luis Arsuaga, Luis Rojas Marcos, Juli Capella and Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, who will share their opinions and experiences on the subject, addressing the concepts of matter, space and well-being, food, rest, hygiene, work, study, leisure, trade.

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