The Journey, Valletta Archaeological Museum, Republic Street, Valletta, Malta - From December 4th to January 9th 2022

The Valletta Cultural Agency (VCA) presents an exhibition of recent works by the figurative artist Patrick Dalli at the Grand Hall of the Archaeological Museum, in the baroque splendor of the venue with frescoes, cycles of arabesques and the rich ceiling with wooden beams.

The Journey has no less than 34 paintings, including a sketch, centered on the artist's ongoing exploration of the human body. Often nicknamed the master of the nude, Dalli does not intend to evoke sensual and sexual qualities in his depictions, but focuses on the beauty and sensitivity of the naked human body. For the artist, nudity is still a revolutionary detonator even if it has been present in art since humans created it.

“The disarmed and disarming female world. Women who show their royalty in a domestic environment, in different positions, mainly seated, on chairs, sofas, stools. Strictly hard. Sun or in groups of three. An essential humanity, exclusively feminine, women closed in their solitude ”, writes Vittorio Sgarbi in the introduction to the exhibition catalog. “The painter Patrick Dalli observes them without mercy and without indulgence, and establishes a comparison with them from a distance. He questions them and does not charge them with meanings, but is concerned with representing their bare existence. Dalli invites them to resist. Nothing more natural than a nude. Those painted in the Academy studios are exercises in style. Dalli's nudes are in a domestic context. They wait, they look at us who look at them and do not fear judgments. "

Born in Malta in 1955, Dalli is mainly interested in portraits, landscapes and still lifes. In 1995 he began a training under the guidance of Anton Calleja practicing in the study of the human figure. It is in these very active years that Dalli focuses his practice on the nude. In the following years, together with other fellow artists, Dalli practices live-sessions and participates in group exhibitions in Malta and abroad, exhibiting nudes, landscapes and still lifes.

The exhibition catalog, with an introduction by Vittorio Sgarbi and a critical essay by Charlene Vella, is published by La Nave di Teseo, with the copyright of the Valletta Cultural Agency, and is edited by Elisabetta Sgarbi, editor of La Nave di Teseo. The exhibition is coordinated by Valerio Ballotta (GBK Malta Ltd), together with Stefano Losani and Elisabetta Sgarbi.