Until March 20 the exhibition promoted by Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in collaboration with FS Sistemi Urbani

The exhibition tells about the projects created by the students of the Urban Design courses of the Academy's Design Area. The goal is to imagine a new life for the former railway stations of Vigevano and Legnano, developing suggestive concepts and exploiting the potential of these places, to be returned to the social fabric in the form of multifunctional meeting spaces.

The former goods warehouses are the most widespread structures within the real estate assets of the FS Italiane Group. However, with the logistical reorganization and the use of containers for storage, their original function has disappeared. Hence the need to reconvert the structures. To date, there are numerous cases in which these architectures have been transformed into hubs for services to travelers or centers aimed at satisfying the needs of the social fabric. The challenge launched by FS Sistemi Urbani at NABA was to rethink these urban voids by restoring their social usefulness.

The students had the opportunity to work on the exteriors of the two former railway stations of Vigevano and Legnano, trying to develop creative concepts capable of transforming these areas into real public spaces. From the photograph of the state of decommissioning to the analysis of case studies to the design idea that fills the gaps and intercepts the needs of citizens, the method applied in this process of imagination is consolidated.

The "gift", the "communication", the "contamination", the "sharing", the "loss in time" are the concepts explored. Iron scaffolding, lighting systems, plant species, salvaged objects, sinuous, evocative and colorful elements: the materials, shapes and interventions have been chosen and planned to restore places capable of involving users and adapting the structure to new functions .

Exhibition "Ferrovie Urbane" - Scalo Lambrate - Via Pietro Andrea Saccardo, 12 - Milan - Visits: Saturday from 18.00 to 21.00 and Sunday from 12.00 to 18.00 free admission from Monday to Friday by appointment (manal.abumonassar@naba.it)

Photos Stefania Villani