Five exhibitions not to be missed and why go and see them in Bergamo, Milan, Palermo, Vicenza and Reggio Emilia

Nature can be worn, to become a landscape but also a fossil, a shroud, even.

This is what Tiziana Cera Rosco puts into practice, artist in residence at the Botanical Garden of Palermo for an entire year, who is now returning her creations to the public in a double exhibition in the 'Vegetable garden and in a city church.

A mimesis project that is never fully completed, precisely to mark the difference and narrate an immersion in the natural world. Completely opposite to this attitude is instead the one narrated by Beth Letain, Canadian artist guest in Milan by Peres Project, who formulates materic paintings in two-tone synthetic meaning, almost pressed into geometric shapes that stimulate the public to ask questions about their real meaning and about what happens beyond the work, behind the picture, in the space not delimited by the paint.

Elena Xausa, well-known illustrator in Italian and international publishing, exhibits her works and also the sketchbooks in an exhibition at the Gallerie d'Italia in Vicenza: a journey through history of his drawings so dense, ironic and poetic that culminates in the works of other illustrators who carry on the vision. And it is precisely the vision that leads us to the last two selected exhibitions. First of all the one dedicated to Luigi Ghirri at Fotografia Europea which opens on 28 April.

You never knew where he was looking and what he saw, as the people who accompanied him on his raids on Italian territory say and knew him well: the prints were always a surprise. And those wonderful surprises dedicated to nature are displayed in a beautiful exhibition that also involves other photographers of the caliber of Olivo Barbieri, Giovanni Chiaramonte, Joan Fontcuberta and Mimmo Jodice.

The look then also characterizes the exhibition that brings together the projects awarded with the Compasso d'Oro produced by companies in the Bergamo and Brescia area. It is called Thinking Factories and is an effective narration of all the phases of designing, from the idea to the finished product, passing through sketches, models and breakdowns, which can be visited in Bergamo.

Why see them: the relationship between man and nature can be a common thread in this selection which offers photographic, experimental, pictorial, illustrated and transformed visions into products. Project and artistic expression question the territory for a restitution with a high rate of poetry.

Beth Letain, Bring the ground to you, Peres Project, Milan, until May 25th

The medium is the message, it has been known for some time now. And here the medium, a very viscous paint, determines the shape, making painting a sculptural, three-dimensional art.

Thus Beth Letain works on a new cycle of works, after those mainly characterized by the use of white primer, giving the canvases a physicality shared with the public.

Who finds himself relating to geometric works of juxtaposed shapes, dense and material, in the impossibility of neglecting the necessary question: what happens outside the work? The constriction of the pictorial and material space together inevitably generates questions about their opposite.

The space painted against is in contrast with the paint used, creating a tension that well represents the creative and evolutionary moment of the artist.

“I am walking through my mysterious valley,” she declared. And indeed valleys, gardens, seas but also narrow and orderly boxes like fields cultivated by man or blocks of flats in a metropolis or perhaps absolute abstractions emerge from these paintings. Which have a common thread: to stimulate the public to ask questions and to interpret.

Who will like it: those who love contemporary art, those who believe in art as a relationship.

Useful information: Peres Project, piazza Belgioioso 2, Milan, open from Monday to Friday from 11 to 18

Thinking factories. Stories of Compassi d'Oro from Bergamo to Brescia, Palazzo della Ragione, Bergamo, until June 4th

There are 32+1 projects awarded with the Compasso d'Oro displayed in this exhibition organized under the patronage of the ADI Design Museum and which narrate the world of industrial design between Bergamo and Brescia.

They range from the Zerowatt fan by Ezio Pirali to the Luminator lamp by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni strong> for Flos, the dividing wall Cartoons by Luigi Baroli for Baleri, the very recent connecting valve for respirator Easy Covid-19 for Isinnova, by Cristian Fracassi and Alessandro Romaioli.

The symbol of the Lombardy Region, designed by Bob Noorda, Roberto Sambonet, Pino Tovaglia and Bruno Munari, is added (+1) to the 32 products. The particularity? The project is investigated throughout its realization process, from the idea to the product, through drawings, models and breakdowns.

Who will like it: those who love the history of design and fans of ingenious inventions.

Useful information: Palazzo della Ragione, Sala delle Capriate, Piazza Vecchia 5, Bergamo, open from Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm.

See also: Thinking Factories. Stories of Golden Compasses from Bergamo to Brescia

Tiziana Cera Rosco, Anthurium – Speak my flower, Botanical Garden and Church of SS. Euno and Giuliano, Palermo, until May 21st

Tiziana Cera Rosco lived for an entire year in the botanical garden of the University of Palermo. Her tool shed has become her home and her artistic studio, the organic material the expressive tool, together with her own body and her own thinking.

Artist, poet and philosopher, Cera Rosco proposes a highly symbolic archaeological journey immersed in nature. Naturally, four seasons, with their cyclical meanings and each in their own peculiar specificity, dress the artist and her thoughts in an ecological and spiritual poetics.

Here, the artistic gesture of Cera Rosco is precisely a dressing of the environment and at the same time its imposing itself in a rigid black suit, a kind of protective, statuesque armour, which places the artist at the center of a impossible disagreement, as of an unrealizable symbiosis.

There are also small vegetable shrouds, fossils of herself and drapes of algae and pomegranate seeds, along with leaves, fruit and mud.

Who will like it: landscape architects, experimenters, poets and philosophers.

Useful information: Orto Botanico, Via Lincoln, 2 Palermo, open Monday to Saturday 9am - 7pm and Sunday 10am - 7pm (closed at 8pm from 1st May). Church of SS. Euno e Giuliano, P.zza Sant'Euno, Palermo, open from Monday to Friday from 10 - 13 and 15 - 18.

EX - Illustri x Elena Xausa, Gallerie d'Italia, Vicenza, until September 10.

Elena Xausa is an illustrator who tells the world in colour, in drawings capable of ingenious synthesis and multilayered narrations. Her works often accompany articles or paper magazine covers that entrust to her pencil the imagery contained in their written contents. But what does the title mean?

First of all, the exhibition was created by Intesa Sanpaolo e Illustri, the cultural association curator of the biennial international event 'Illustri Festival', an interesting overview of the contemporary world of illustration.

Ex denotes motion from place, starting point, and also cause. EX are also the initials of the artist, perhaps the primary cause. On display 200 works, including sketchbooks, never made public before (for the EXperimenti section), passing through his years abroad, where his works were inspired by libraries, cafes, studios in sharing, trains and steamers, airplanes and cars, friends' living rooms, flowery meadows, Norwegian cliffs and American glades (EXpo), to finally reach the work of others (EXnovo) , with one hundred illustrators who carry on his poetics.

Who will like it: creative planners, communicators and designers of all ages

Useful information: Gallerie d'Italia - Palazzo Leoni Montanari, Contra' Santa Corona 25, Vicenza, open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00.

A foot in Eden. Luigi Ghirri and other gazes. Gardens in Europe and the Architecture of Trees, Palazzo dei Musei, Reggio Emilia, from 28 April to 11 June

The European Photography festival opens on 28 April, the usual appointment that brings the public a rich selection of looks and proposals in the shots of young and old.

There are many initiatives and exhibitions to see, here we begin by setting foot in Eden, as the title of this exhibition dedicated to Luigi Ghirri. wants.

Title that takes inspiration from a survey that Ghirri had carried out in the parks and gardens of Italy to reflect on anthropization, here accompanied by the works of other photographers who continued the research (Andrea Abati, Olivo Barbieri , Giovanni Chiaramonte, Joan Fontcuberta, Mimmo Jodice, Gianni Leone, Francesco Radino, Olivier Richon, George Tatge, Ernesto Tuliozi, Fulvio Ventura, Varena Von Gagern and Cuchi White).

The sense of belonging to nature unites the works of all 14 photographers, focusing attention on the need to rethink cities.

Next to them is the monumental work of Cesare Leonardi and Franca Stagi The architecture of trees, on display for the first time in Reggio Emilia in 1982. The series Breakfast on the grass in which Luigi Ghirri narrates a purely decorative nature and the need for our change of perspective could not be missing from the exhibition itinerary.

An immersion in the world of the Emilian photographer and his point of view on the landscape of the Peninsula, between project, reportage and work of art.

Who will like it: Those who love photography and that of Ghirri in particular, those who choose delicacy and prefer the peculiarity in the photographic gaze.

Useful information: Palazzo dei Musei, via Spallanzani 1, Reggio Emilia, for the opening days of 29 and 30 April the exhibition is open from 10 to 23; on 1 May from 10 to 20. From 2 May the museum is open from Tuesday to Thursday from 10 to 13, from Friday to Sunday from 10 to 20.

Cover photo: Elena Xausa, 'Baseball'