An unfinished worksite loomed with its concrete skeleton at Carità in Villorba, between the center of Villorba and State Highway 13 Pontebbana. For over 16 years this cumbersome presence, which was supposed to be a big shopping mall, cast its gloomy shadow on the surroundings. The new architectural project has been done by the architecture studio of Marco Piva. Le Terrazze provided an opportunity to demonstrate that it is possible to recover an existing structure and convert it for residential and service functions, in a new concept of a multifunctional building. The residential spaces are combined with many community spaces. A hotel, an auditorium for cultural events, a wellness center, a restaurant, a shopping and crafts area and apartments offer new gathering places for residents while improving existing relations between the building, the city and the territory. The solution aims to reinforce social relationships, while respecting the residential and cultural traditions of the place.