What are the trends in design and communication that influence the choices of users when it comes to food & beverage venues and restaurants today.

To investigate these trends, POLI.design (Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic) launches the new edition of the Advanced Training Course in Leisure Lounge & Restaurant Design for designers and managers.

This third edition explores lounges as places to develop new food location types: hybrid, multisensory, pleasant spaces for socializing, to meet new people and share experiences, actions and objects in different, more gratifying ways.

The educational objectives of the course: to understand and control the problematic issues of the design of food retailing locations and restaurants, considering spaces, equipment and furnishings in a context where the clientele is increasingly well-informed and demanding; to handle the design process from the brief to the development of the concept to the assessment of costs and identification of break-even points; to identify the dynamics that regulate the client-designer relationship and the drivers to generating a high-performance structure.

The course is preferably for graduates in architecture, design or engineering, and sector professionals who want to specialize in the creation and design of innovative spaces for dining and food retail, as well as managers and entrepreneurs in this sector.

In collaboration with Ordine degli Architetti PPC di Milano, Federalberghi and AIPi (Associazione Italiana Progettisti d’Interni).

For information on registration, tuition assistance and professional training programs contact: Ufficio Coordinamento Formazione POLI.design – formazione@polidesign.net – Tel. 0223997275 www.polidesign.net/it/Food-Retail