A red thread to restore - and materialize - bonds. Letizia Cariello's from BuldingBox is an ongoing exhibition project, made up of a succession of unpredictable interventions - at irregular intervals -, which expand over time rather than space

From 21 January to 23 December 2022 the gallery BuildingBox proposes an unprecedented exhibition mode: invites a single artist, Letizia Cariello, to confront herself in a personal - and changing way - with the Milanese space in via Monte di Pietà 23, visible to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a whole year.


An embroidered path in the making

The exhibition project Calendar - Nous by Letizia Cariello, curated by Annette Hofmann , will consist of a uninterrupted succession of creative interventions - free, irregular, unpredictable - which will mark and give tangible form to time instead of space. The ongoing artistic intervention will grow, shape and transform itself over the course of the year, new incorporated works will be followed by subtraction of elements, following a 'live' path, designed (or rather, shaped and sewn) by the artist. The link? A red thread.

The unpredictable creative time of Letizia Cariello

Place dedicated to art and experimentation, during the year BuildingBox will become a privileged observation point on art by Letizia Cariello and at the same time a space for dialogue with the visitor, who, thanks to the transparency of the large windows in the gallery, will be able to observe the unfolding of a changing and unpredictable exhibition which takes on ever new forms thanks to succession, annexation and alternation - of site specific installations, the result of interventions - at an irregular cadence - freely dictated by the artist's creative time.

Sew to restore otherwise lost bonds

Time and the border are central themes in the research of Letizia Cariello, who has been working for years with the practice of embroidery and weaving to give tangible form to invisible connections, otherwise lost bonds. The desire to intercept the material consistency of time is realized in the research and collection of its traces, made visible and perceptible through the writing of calendars and the use of a red thread - trademark of his production - which stitches together objects, materials and spaces.

Give a perceptible consistency at the time

In the sewing process, the artist brings together different worlds and materials by relating them to each other, strengthens lost bonds, heals wounds. From trees to teapots, from cups to photographs, its red mark crosses everyday objects and spaces to materialize time in a perceptible shape.

The time between meditation and corporeality

In Letizia Cariello's poetics, the Calendars - which take the form of a long sequence of numbers and letters painted on sheets, plates or other supports, including the skin of the artist, or engraved on marble, copper or steel - represent a form of meditation on time and its real existence. They become an artistic exercise of writing and mental concentration on the time to come, in an attempt to give a corporeality to its intangible nature, make it concrete, or at least chase it, giving it a name and a date.

La soglia e il passaggio a un tempo spirituale

Con Calendario – Nous l’artista esplora il concetto di Nous (νοῦς in greco antico) che indica, a partire da Omero, la facoltà interiore di comprendere un evento l’intelletto intesa come porta o passaggio verso una dimensione altra, che esula dal tempo lineare per aprirne uno circolare, spirituale. Il Nous si presenta quindi come una soglia che invita il pubblico ad attraversare metaforicamente i confini, per comprendere l’intreccio tra installazione, spazio e tempo, divenendo esso stesso parte integrante dell’opera e delle sue relazioni.

Come back so as not to miss a living time

Calendar - Nous thus becomes an invitation , an exhortation to return to visit the gallery, not to miss the change of space according to a living time. “BuildingBox becomes flesh, a beating heart that, both day and night, pumps, thinning its spatial and material boundaries, creating a door towards a new dimension, a space of connection” explains Letizia Cariello. Just like a living being , throughout the year, the exhibition project will grow, evolve, will weave bonds, material and personal, and amaze.