A “boisterous” installation that urges silence and reflection, the paradox of a project that originates from a degree thesis and reaches the Venice Biennale as a way to point to a serious problem, that of the over-production of goods and the absolute lack sensitivity to issues of recycling and reuse. A shortcoming seen in different parts of the world, often the most populous, where serious social problems and imbalances aggravate the issue of waste.

Architect Hugon Kowalsky and architecture critic Marcin Szczelina have created a structure to sum up their research. More awareness is urgently needed on recovery and reuse of recyclable materials to build new structures. Architecture that is more sustainable facilitates the development of a culture of reuse, with less impact on the environment and on natural resources, optimizing what we already have.

The theme of eco-sustainability and reduced wasting of natural resources and materials has long been a central focus of Linea Light Group, the main lighting sponsor of the project, with fixtures that bring out the salient features of the Polish installation.

Products used include the Eyelet spots of the i-LèD collection; small Clivo spotlights that pivot on brackets; the powerful Angular spotlight with LED array and simple, minimalist design; the Vektor spot with LED array and light-shaping system; and Pound, one of the most representative spotlights of the i-LèD collection, with LED array source.