12 projects have been selected by a jury of 6 international experts: designer Jaime Hayon, architect Toyo Ito, Paola Antonelli, curator of the Department of Architecture and Design of MoMA New York, Aric Chen, creative director of Beijing Design Week, and Kiyotaka Ise, president of Lexus International. Two of the twelve finalists will be prototyped, in collaboration with two world-famous designers: product designer Sam Hecht and the architect Junya Istigami. Sam Hecht has chosen Inaho, created by Hideki Yoshimoto and Yoshinaka Ono, while Junya Ishigami will work on the project Making Porcelain With Origami by Hitomi Igarashi. Among the 12 selected designers, there is also the Italian Rudy Daviwith the Klava lamp, that can be put into different positions to meet different needs, holding a precise position thanks to in-depth physical-mechanical design. The Lexus Design Award is an international competition aimed at innovators from all over the world, asked to address the theme of “movement”, a concept closely connected with the everyday life of all people. http://www.lexus-global.com.