The walk of the pier of the Sardinian village is marked by four large books-sculptures in Carrara marble on which significant verses of literature are engraved that invite you to reconnect with nature, and with yourself

At the Yacht Club of Porto Rotondo, along the promenade of the pier of the exclusive Sardinian village, there are - unexpected - the great works that make up the installation of urban art Lib(e) ri per il mare (Free to the sea)  by Marco Nereo Rotelli , on display until October .

Four monumental books - open and written, or rather carved, with verses by Grazia Deledda, Shelley and Montale - 2 meters long by 80 cm high, made of and Carrara marble, right in Carrara, which weigh 700 kilograms each.

Carved on stone, words acquire another intensity

Art is not Nature, but it can convey important messages for the Planet. Following this philosophy, Marco Nereo Rotelli takes a pure material, such as stone, Carrara marble and engraves poetic verses that are an opening to love nature and the world. Carved on stone, words acquire another intensity, thought becomes action.

Verses by Grazia Deledda, Shelley and Montale

The first lines are a tribute to Grazia Deledda, Nobel Prize for literature. “We are reeds and the wind is our becoming”. “We are subject to the wind, to lower ourselves to the earth, but we also have the strength to get up” .

Two books are dedicated to the verses of Percy Bysshe Shelley , a British romantic poet who loved the Italian sea. “The rays of the Moon kiss the sea ... While the wind breathes lightly”.

The last carved verse is by Eugenio Montale: “Being vast is different and fixed at the same time” from the Mediterranean poem, from the collection Cuttlefish bones .

The four marble books as the four cardinal points

Marco Nereo Rotelli's artistic work entrusts poetry with a message, which goes from the metaphor of the sea that unites the distant and touches points of the different world up to the subjectivity of man. The marble books are seen as the four cardinal points that invite the South, the East, the North and the West to an interior dimension reaching out to the sea , to the world, to all humanity.

Art, culture and business

The close relationship - and support - between business, art and culture it is not only desirable but also fundamental to safeguard the beauty of the Bel Paese, but not only that. Unox Casa, a brand dedicated to the domestic world, knows it well of the group of made in Italy household appliances, which has always promoted initiatives in this direction.

In confirmation of this commitment, last 22 July, in the presence of 80 guests including, entrepreneurs, institutions, authorities, shipyards, marinas, sponsors and media, has participated in the presentation event of the urban art installation Lib (e) ri per il mare by Marco Nereo Rotelli at the Porto Rotondo Yacht Club.

The press conference and the gourmet menu

Commodore Sandro Onofaro attended the press conference to welcome guests, while Margherita Celia Bertolotti of Circle Dynamic Luxury magazine, organizer of the event, moderated the meeting by introducing count Luigi Donà dalle Rose , founder of Porto Rotondo and president of the Yacht Club, who talked about the value and DNA of the ancient village in contemporary art.

The artist Marco Nereo Rotelli then explained the artistic identity that distinguishes his stylistic code, underlining that word and poetry are essential to his trait and his jobs.

For the evening, Unox Casa, as well as a speech by Matteo De Lise , Director of Unox Casa Business Unit, staged the performing properties of SuperOven , the new super technological oven that made it possible to create a starred gourmet menu.