Molteni&C updates the focus on the masters of architecture and design with a project of reissues of furnishings created by Gio Ponti. A collection of furnishings, some produced only for private homes or small production runs, presented during the Salone del Mobile 2012 after a long process of research and development of prototypes, thanks to an exclusive agreement with the Ponti family. The collection, under the artistic direction of Studio Cerri&Associati, includes furnishings designed by Gio Ponti from 1935 (the chair for the first Montecatini building) and the 1950s (bookcase, chest of drawers, table, frames and carpet for the Ponti house on Via Dezza in Milan, 1956-57). For Roma Contemporary the project reaches Rome, at the Frattali showroom, Via Aurelia 678. The whole collection of furniture and complements is accompanied by the exhibition Living Ponti-style. Experiments of domestic life and architecture for living and working, a tribute to the domestic design of Gio Ponti and an overview of his still timely modernism. A personal and professional narrative featuring letters, family photographs, video documents. Saturday 26 May at 19.00, Roma Contemporary plays host, at Macro Testaccio, to the conference Gio Ponti, art falls in love with industry. Projects from the archives, with the participation of Margherita Guccione, director of MAXXI Architettura, Fulvio Irace, architectural historian, Franco Raggi, vice-president of the Architects’ Association of Milan, Francesca Molteni. The moderator is Umberto Croppi, Fondazione Valore Italia.