In Genoa the Blu association works to create regenerative connections: the power of words and meetings to sow ideas and visions

Communicating literally means sharing bread. That is, putting authentic and important thoughts and knowledge on the metaphorical table of the project.

The Blu association in Genoa deals with exactly this: planning constructive conversations and connections. Which means wisely choosing the relationship with a territory, that of Genoa and its seaside surroundings, to nourish the genius loci and enable people to imagine an evolutionary project, both personal and collective.

Sparks for a new thought

It's not complicated, all it takes is a spark of knowledge, an opportunity for reflection. And understand how culture is influenced by people's souls, by their way of thinking (or not thinking) about the present. The look, the attitude. Which is a theme that Francesco Cavalli, founder of Blu together with Annalisa Gatto and Michele strong> Genghi, knows well.

Before Blu and Genoa, Francesco Cavalli was the founder of Leftloft, a graphics and communications studio in Milan with a curriculum of commissions, cultural initiatives and brilliant and often radical social commitment.

“After many years of living in Milan I went in search of authenticity. Milan is a place that promises a lot, that asks a lot, and doesn't give back exactly the same amount. It was not out of a polemical desire that I landed in Genoa, but to use and take root in a different way what I am capable of doing."

Genoa, the Mediterranean, the evolutionary relationships between sea and land

Seaside cities offer the advantage of being able to get lost in the multiplicity of cultures, passages, trade and production. But there is a fulcrum, an eye of the storm where everything condenses into a possibility of growth and change.

“Genoa is not simple, perhaps the province in general is not simple. Prudence, the comfort of the status quo, the Ligurian distrust... all true. But we want to operate by asking for consent from the city and Blu and its activation projects in the area have been well received. It is clear that there is potential to be transformed into concrete gestures to define more evolutionary relationships within the social fabric"

“In April we proposed to the city Da Banchi a Pré, an experiment: we bring artisans into historic shops, activities considered marginal, self-produced, contemporary and sometimes frankly alternative craftsmanship in the places of the reserved city bourgeoisie . He loved it. To everyone".

Learning from the present: conversations and workshops

Blu continues his work with a learning program of conversations and workshops with artists, philosophers, journalists, anthropologists and scientists.

Too? In reality, disciplinary multiplicity is what is needed to avoid inbreeding, the forced repetition of less than unsatisfactory businesses and activities.

Blu #01 Learning from the present is the tool for opening up to the public the underused places of the city, the marginal but therefore innovative parts. And bring here frontier thoughts or simply some beautiful design research.

The protagonists and the next appointments

The protagonists of Learning from the present are, among others, the anthropologist Franco La Cecla, the marine biologist Marta Musso , the food designer Giulia Soldati, the editor-in-chief of the digital magazine Matteo De Giuli, the philosopher Leonardo Damn.

The topics are the sea, baking, idleness, manual work as a practical compendium to intellectual work, contemporary craftsmanship. And then there are the places. A Ligurian hotel of yesteryear like the Villa Bonera in Nervi, the La Rotonda center in Quinto al Mare.

The next appointments are with Ilaria Busoni, on 18 June, and Matteo de Giuli, on 19 June. The themes: Nature in a frame, to explore the contemporary gaze on the landscape; Rediscover ourselves as lazy, to reflect on the unprecedented and unnatural industriousness that distances us from a sensible use of time.

Cover photo: BLU Genova, Francesco Cavalli and Annalisa Gatto. Ph. Studio Campo