The exhibition curated by Giulio Cappellini and Domitilla Dardi is the third and final stage of a voyage in pursuit of images that define places of memory for a culture, to reinterpret in the light of new design developments.

A creative perspective on local icons that after capturing the spirit of Rome in 2015, and having made a comparison of the cultural essence of occidental and oriental cities in 2016, now puts the spotlight on the cities of the north and south of the planet.


Eight international designers interpret original cityscapes with Alcantara.


Cities and designers: Stockholm – Form Us With Love | Santiago, Chile – Great Things to People | Rio de Janeiro – Gustavo Martini | Chicago – Steven Haulenbeek | New York – Marc Thorpe | Mexico City – Liliana Ovalle | Dakar – Birsel + Seck | Helsinki –Ilkka Suppanen.