Until 3 July, a riot of shapes and colors decorates the steps of the amphitheater in Piazza Liberty. A bizarre parade of characters to celebrate Milano Pride

From 23 June to 3 July, the steps of the amphitheater of the Apple Piazza Liberty store light up with colors to celebrate the widespread festival Milano Pride thanks to the initiative organized by Today at Apple with Distinguished Festivals.

The illustrators Francesco Poroli, Camilla Falsini, Riccardo Guasco and Irene Rinaldi show their works in a single gigantic installation, as if were on parade, sending out a message of universal love: Love is Love.

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A riot of shapes and colors celebrates diversity as richness

“It's a collective work” explains Francesco Poroli , who also led the project as director of Illustri Festival. “The steps of the amphitheater in Piazza Liberty lent themselves well to the management of a choral project that would preserve the integrity and uniqueness of the styles of individual illustrators, and at the same time unite these diversities making them converge in one message , Love is Love . It is a colorful and bizarre hymn to diversity as wealth”.

Uniqueness of each individual, the right to express it and the joy of doing it

The colors, shapes and expressive languages of the bizarre characters that populate Piazza Liberty until 3 July want to enhance the uniqueness of each individual, the right to express it and joy of doing it. They want to celebrate and celebrate this wealth together, even with people who stop curiously trying to decipher them.

A talk with personalities from the LGBTQ + world

On June 29 at 9:00 pm the platforms storielibere.fm and QUiD, together with Apple Podcast, invite personalità del mondo LGBTQ+ in anfiteatro per partecipare al talk The first time I saw myself.

It will be a performance during which Paolo Armelli and Daniele Biaggi , in addition to bringing their own experience, will present the other guests who will alternate on stage telling the story, the scene of a film or the phrase that ignited awareness of a queer identity.

The event, included in the Today at Apple program, is free , but you must register to this link.