For its 9th edition, the famous design contest created and organized by the Raymond Loewy Foundation Italychanges its approach. It will no longer reward just three projects: besides the absolute winner, author of the best thesis, this year 5 more project will be honored, representing 5 different design categories, and there will be another prize assigned by the online audience to one of the finalists. The competition areas are interior design, web/graphics (including apps for smartphone and tablet), environmental/urban design, fashion and product design. The second new aspect is the online contest: students can compete by sending a video that illlustrates the project and the reason why it should win. The prize will be assigned by the web audience to one of the finalists, and can match the results of the other prizes. Overall prize winnings of 30,000 euros. The Lucky Strike Talented Designer Award is aimed at all students who have completed or are about to complete a degree or post-graduate program in all design fields. The competition examines theses submitted between early 1 November and 31 October 2013. The works will be examined by an international jury chaired by Milena Mussi, general manager of Iosa Ghini. www.raymondloewyfoundation.it