During the 56th Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the Baglioni Hotel Carlton pays tribute to Milan and its great cultural and artistic tradition, renewing its design in a refined but also spectacular way. The hotel, which stands between Via Senato and Via della Spiga, will literally be seen in a new light thanks to a permanent contemporary art installation by the master of lighting design Gaspare Di Caro.


For Baglioni Hotel Carlton the artist has created a true fresco of lights to decorate the facade of the building, with a system of links between inside and outside inspired by the fabrics and carpets of the hotel, in a contemporary suggested of the Enlightenment era of 18th-century Milan.

An ecological project, with no environmental impact or light pollution, thanks to the digital tools of video mapping that operate with architectural precision, projecting freehand drawings in a site-specific reinterpretation of the place.


The luminous installation at Baglioni Hotel Carlton is curated by Lorenzo Canova.