MantovArchitettura 2016 presents 60 events on Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction, in the historic sites of the city of Mantua, Italian Cultural Capital for 2016, with stops in Sabbioneta and Verona.

Places in which to discuss and make architecture, where form becomes substance of stone, to be touched, seen and walked through: the Temple of San Sebastiano, the Mantegna house, the church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, Salone Mantegnesco, Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Te, Biblioteca Teresiana, the church of San Cristoforo, Teatro degli Antichi and Palazzo Ducale in Sabbioneta, as well as the university campus. These are the sites of MantovArchitettura.

MantovArchitettura is the Mantua branch of Politecnico di Milano, which together with the “Scuola Architettura Urbanistica Ingegneria delle Costruzioni,” in the context of the UNESCO project “Planning and Architectural Conservation of World Heritage,” engages faculty and students in an exceptional opportunity to come to terms with the great masters of architecture.

Four weeks of events, 15 sites, 60 encounters, about one hundred speakers, professors and guests, dozens of student volunteers, a dedicated website, and a related Facebook page.